6 Weeks to Save Your Relationship
6 Weeks to Save Your Relationship

6 Weeks to Save Your Relationship

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Every relationship has it ups and downs, but if yours feel like it has been down for too long this course is for you.

In this six week program you will l learn how to:

  • Stop arguing with your partner (without going to couples therapy)
  • Let go of resentment and guilt within your relationship
  • Rekindle affection and love  
  • Have difficult conversations with your partner without having a meltdown
  • Stop looking to your partner to make you happy and learn how to do it for yourself

Features of this program:

  • Access to a private course page where you can watch a short weekly lesson on the module we will be focused on
  • Powerful worksheets to help you implement the tools you learn in your relationship right away
  • Weekly coaching calls with Erin and your small group (Tuesday nights @ 8pm)
  • Access to a private forum you can use to get coaching in between calls and submit your worksheets for feedback if you wish

Starting Dates & Coaching Options:

Option 1: Group coaching -begins Oct 30 @ 8pm and run every Tuesday for 6 weeks (60 min each)

Option 2: Private Coaching with Erin - If you want a more personal and flexible coaching experience select this option. You will begin the week of Oct 30 and the coaching sessions will be booked to accommodate your schedule (45 min each) 

Your Investment: 

In this special six week beta program you will get full access to a $1200 course for $197. This is a one time deal open to just ten people who are ready to test drive the course and use the tools to improve their relationship.


How does the group course work?

This is a group coaching program. Each week for six weeks you will receive tools and coaching specifically designed to support you as you make positive changes for yourself within your relationship. Once a week you will have a 60 minute Zoom Video conference call with Erin and your small group to be coached on your relationship. 

What if I can't make one of the calls?

For this program, the calls WILL NOT be recorded. If you have to miss a call you can always get coached in our Slack channel around the weekly topic but in order to preserve everyone's privacy there will be no replays of the calls.

*If you have to miss more than 2 calls you can still join the course,  you may want to consider Option 2 instead in order to get the most out of this content*

Why is it being offered at a huge discount?

Before the big launch of the course, I want to make sure it runs perfectly. Because of that, I am offering this discount to ten people who are in a relationship and need tools and support to make it whole again. After this launch the course will be $1200.