Clarity Coaching Sessions with Erin Aquin

Clarity Coaching Sessions with Erin Aquin

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More and more people these days are building a support network of professionals to help manage health and well-being in their hectic lives. As stress escalates and you are faced with a myriad of directions to move in, it is natural to want to reach out and seek perspective.

While your family and friends may be full of advice (whether you want it or not), sometimes it is best to speak with someone free from any personal agenda attached to your decisions aside from helping you plan the next best move. 

Why work with Erin?

With over two thousand hours spent with clients in her former Chinese Medicine practice, Erin has worked with a wide array of people, concerns and major life changes.

Erin is professional, caring, compassionate and upholds the strictest confidence with her clients and can offer healthy encouragement to those seeking real growth dealing with everything from your personal relationships to expanding and improving your career path.

What will we work on?

That is really up to you, but some of Erin's clients have had sessions for:

  • enhancing or beginning a small business (yoga teachers and wellness professionals, this is the one for you)
  • improving family life
  • relationship issues
  • career changes 
  • self-confidence and empowerment
  • deepening yoga or meditation practice
  • coping with disease

What to expect from a Clarity Coaching Session?

In each one hour session you will have time to discuss your major concerns or continue to dive into pervious work.

This is not therapy, nor is the session merely a sounding board to air your issues. Expect to work on real solutions to your challenges and be engaged in practical take-away "homework". Each session should leave you with tools to assist you in sorting out conclusions for growth that you can feel good about.

Ready to get started?

1. Make your choice and payment: Choose either a "Single Session" or a "3 Pack*"

2. You will be contacted within 24 hours via email with a welcome pack and instructions on how to schedule your first session. 

*Please note that in order to achieve maximum growth the 3 Pack must be used within 7 weeks from purchase date (please indicate if this is a gift and when you would like the lucky person to receive it).