Extreme Self-Care Program

Extreme Self-Care Program

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This Program Is For People Who Are:

  • great at caring for others but find your own needs and desires are an afterthought 
  • feeling constantly run down or burned out with no clear plan of how to make a change
  • not good at keeping self-care appointments with yourself because you are "too busy"

What is the Extreme Self-Care Program?

This is a 6 week program designed to help you:

  • understand the essential Elements of self-care (hint: its not just flowers and bubble baths)
  • overcome the common obstacles keeping you from greater well-being
  • put what you are learning into practice by creating a personal self-care strategy and schedule

I have seen first hand what happens when we don't prioritize our own health and well-being and it is my mission to help more people achieve higher states of true self-care so they can realize their potential in the world.

If you are ready to feel supported, empowered then this course on self-care might be the perfect course for you.

Topics We Will Cover:

  1. Yin and Yang Self-Care: Learn what you need and when you need it
  2. Break the Burnout Cycle: Learn how to use your personal resources and energy wisely
  3. Self-Care vs. Indulgence: Are you buffering or indulging in unhealthy behavior and calling it self-care? 
  4. The 5 Elements of Self-Care: Learn the type of self-care that fuels each of the 5 Personality or Constitutional types
  5. Overcoming Obstacles: Learn to outsmart yourself and as you discover the real reason you haven't made self-care a priority or why you are still using it as a bandaid solution
  6. Accountability: Learn some powerful ways to stick to your self-care schedule
  7. Re-Wiring for Results: Change the way you think and feel about self-care and get better results
  8. Self-Care Strategies: - Learn how to create your self-care schedule and stick to it

Your Tools and Resources:

For six weeks beginning Saturday June 9, 2018 you will get access to a private course page where you will find:

  • Weekly Video Classes - I break down the weekly topic and your homework to help you understand and practice the tools and ideas I share
  • A Digital Handout - your daily and weekly exercises are key to success in this program and I made it easy to follow with handy printable worksheets
  • Access to a Private Q&A Coaching Page - you can ask questions, share your homework and get coached on any challenges your are dealing with
  • Group Coaching Calls - talk with me live during 3 one hour group coaching calls (Times TBA -they will be recorded if you can't make it)

BONUS: Kickstart your self-care with exclusive access to my library of 20 minute video yoga practices. All available to you during the course.

Refund Policy

I want you to make this investment for yourself and feel wonderful about doing so.

But I know it can be a challenge for you to take self-care seriously so I am offering you something I have never offered before.

If you purchase this Extreme Self-Care Program and find you haven't experienced a positive change in your life from applying what you learn I will give you a full refund.*

BUT, yes there is a catch...

You must take action.

*In order to get a refund you send me your homework from each and every day of the course, detail your weekly self-care assignment, have asked for my help on the Q & A coaching page at least once per week and participated on the group coaching calls. Your homework and refund request must be received via email to info(at)aquinyoga.com no later than midnight on May 27, 2018 EST. 

In other words you actually have to use the tools and information I offer you-and if you do I am confident you won't need a refund.

Any further questions? Email: info(at)aquinyoga.com