The Yoga Teacher Survival Course - 6 Weeks to Success

The Yoga Teacher Survival Course - 6 Weeks to Success

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Discover the Blueprint to Grow Your Student Base, Set Better Boundaries and Banish Burnout

The Yoga Teacher Survival Course is the signature 6-week training from Aquin Yoga. Let us help you develop the tools you need to teach and live stress-free, whether you are a new yoga instructor or have been teaching for 20 years. 

I have taught for over 11 years and it hasn't been easy.

However, if you make it up the steep learning curve, teaching Yoga can be a beautiful lifestyle choice.

There are overwhelming positives to teaching yoga as a profession but without professional guidence, many teachers burn out and quit before they realize their full potential.

And if you want to be among the teachers who thrive in the yoga business, without getting trapped and jaded by the roadblocks that all instructors face, then consider joining me for the Yoga Teacher Survival Course

This updated and expanded virtual course will be delivered to you via weekly audios and emails and will be available for you for 10 weeks after your start date so you can take your timing working through the course.

The 6 Modules of the Yoga Teacher Survival Course

The program includes:

  • 6 weekly audios with Erin based on the current module 
  • Weekly contemplations and exercises to help you discover your deepest potential
  • Templates you can use when promoting your classes or reaching out to studios
  • Exclusive access to our course forum for teachers only so you can plug in to the skills, support and talent of other like minded people, and even help you find new classes to teach
  • A 45 minute 1-on-1 private session with Erin work on your particular questions and challenges

Module 1: Building Your Student Base

With new studios and teachers popping up every month, how can you carve out a loyal following? In this module you will discover how to attract your perfect student and stand out from the crowd.

Module 2: Making Money

Is it possible to make a good salary as a yoga instructor? With good time management skills and knowing how to find the right classes you sure can! This module will help you make it happen and will teach you how to find private classes and workshops.

Module 3: Avoiding Pitfalls and Keeping Perspective

When times are tough, it is easy to sink into feelings of unworthiness and even burn out. This module will give you practical tools and ways to help keep your spirits high and help you avoid the common mistakes most teachers make over and over again in challenging situations.

Module 4: Growing as a Teacher

How can you develop as a human being and be an authentic inspiration for your students? In this module you will discover how to shatter your limits and deepen your connection to your spiritual core, so you can be the force of nature you truly are.

Module 5: Making Friends With Social Media

It can take years to become a popular yoga teacher the old fashioned way. Use this module to help you reach out on the web to potential students and help them find you—featuring special guest and marketing master, Steve Haase.

Module 6: Staying Connected to What Matters

The secret to success is having a great community of students and other professionals you can trust and depend on. This module will help you identify your dream team of support and teach you how to build a sense of community in your work life to fuel you for years to come.

Bonus #1

Register now and get our eBook, The Secret Guide to Making Your Private Classes Hassle Free. Learn how to set up and administer your private and small group classes and avoid the pain of no-show's, late cancellations or the mystery of what you are earning from week to week.

Bonus #2

Have you ever wondered what studio owners look for when hiring? As a participant in the Survival Course, you will get access to an exclusive and candid interview with my dear friend Katie McClelland, owner of De La Sol Yoga Studios. In this interview she shares tips and insights both for new and longtime instructors.

Bonus #3

The least popular part of running a business is doing the bookkeeping. Get tips on how to better manage your business from a bookkeeper during an exclusive bonus audio. John will lay out some of the biggest mistakes you must avoid as a teacher and suggest best practices to keep you sane at tax time.

You won't learn this in Teacher Training 

Get the whole course + your private session + three exciting bonuses for only $249. For all the guidance, resources, and training in the fundamental areas of what it means to truly thrive as a teacher, why would you hesitate?